Working For Chump Change

As a freelance writer that works for a major Internet company, I know the value of content.  I was lucky enough to make friends with the Content Director at this company, and we have remained friends over the years.  She taught me a lot about what goes on inside a company of this size.

I know, for instance, that ad revenues pay for the article within three weeks time.  Even though they pay me $.10 per word to write articles, and that may seem a lot to many Internet marketers who want to only pay $1-$5 for a 500 word article, you can plainly see that people that are working for these kind of wages are clearly underselling themselves.

I also know for a fact that this company takes them $75,000 per month in ad revenues.  I am sure that at this time ad revenues have dried up to a significantly lower level.  Still, this company makes a tremendous amount of money.

What prompted this article was a blog post by Anne Wayman.  Her blog post told about her experience with Associated Content.  She had written an article entitled “How to Pay off Your Debt and Live Debt Free in Three Steps.”  Anne stated she was underwhelmed at the price paid, which was the fantastic sum of $.99.

I have done a little work for Associated Content before.  Generally, they would pay between three and four dollars per article for what I submitted.  I quit wasting my time with that some time ago.

Here is my opinion.  Internet marketers that are making a great deal of money online and are only willing to pay $1-$5 per article don’t deserve a decent freelance writer to work for them.  Let them go to India and get the people there to write for them for this price.  Of course the English and grammar will suck, but hey!  Ya get what you pay for.

It’s rather old with the number game that the Internet really is to see people like Anne Wayman being taken advantage of.  I haven’t read any of her articles.  I have no clue as to how good she is.  I do know however, that to offer someone $.99 for a well written article is next to highway robbery.

It isn’t any wonder to me that people are struggling to make money online.  When you put effort into producing a good article that has unique content, and you end up with $.99 in your pocket, I hardly think that article marketing is going to pay the rent and feed the kiddies.

Look at it this way.  Associated Content will undoubtedly make back their $.99 that they paid Anne Wyman in very short order.  Everyone is in it for the money.  I think it is especially important though that we spread a little of that wealth around.  Anne states in her blog post that this is an experiment she is trying.  She also reports she had a great deal of trouble navigating the site at Associated Content.  To me, that is only adding insult to injury.  Is Associated Content trying to make it hard for Anne  to reach the place she wants to be?

As a freelance writer, I promptly turn down work that does not pay me a decent amount for my services.  It makes little sense to me to put all the time and effort into article marketing, freelance writing, and years of experience to get paid $.99.  And that is the way that I see it…

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