The Power Of The Twitter Stream

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I’ve been spending a bit of time on Twitter.  Although I don’t spend as much time as a lot of people do, there are people I follow there who give information that I value.  There are also people there that I just plain enjoy.  In my Twitter stream, there always seems to be a lively conversation going on.

I was surprised this AM to see a Tweet by a person I follow named Prague Bob.  He appears to be an old curmudgeon just like me.  Hailing from Czechoslovakia, I always appreciate his insights.

Today, his comments were about an Internet marketer named Perry Belcher.  It appears that Belcher has been nailed for computer fraud, and online marketing scams.  Allegedly, he was selling medicinal treatments to people with various ailments.  The treatments he supposedly was providing consisted of nothing more than common household oregano and cayenne pepper.

Apparently, he bilked tens of thousands of dollars out of a lot of unsuspecting people.  And what did our Mr. Belcher get out of this?  10 years probation.  Apparently, they came in and attached all his assets, including his home and his Jaguar, and are selling these things to pay back the people that he screwed out of their hard earned cash.

It is people like Belcher they give Internet marketers a bad name.  I’m just as hungry for the buck as the next guy, but there is no way that I could live with myself if I was screwing a lot of people out of their money.  There is, after all, ethics and integrity involved in any business venture.  I sincerely believe that people think they can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet.  Because we can’t see your ugly mug, doesn’t mean that you are not there.  With the way technology is advancing, I think we will see a lot more whistleblowers and people they really care about what is going on on the Web.  I think it is about time.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with good old-fashioned accountability.

One thing that disturbs me however.  One of the applications that serves Twitter is called Grader.  To me it’s kind of hokey, but it gives you a fairly good idea of how popular you are on Twitter.  Grader told me that I should be following Perry Belcher.  For all I know, that would have been a good recommendation.  However, without the help of Prague Bob, I might have fallen victim to some of Mr. Belcher’s dealings.  A tip o’ the Allnut hat to Bob.  I appreciate you in my Twitter stream.

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