Knowledge Is Power

It’s amazing the little tricks you learn over time.  I’ve been marketing online for 10 years now.  Although I have done a wide variety of things, I have never fully concentrated on any one single aspect of Internet marketing.  My efforts have been a hodgepodge of many different things.  I’ve sold stuff on eBay, doing very well.  I’ve dabbled in affiliate marketing with some success.  These past few years, I have been doing freelance writing for a large Internet company.  Now, with the economic downturn, I find that a lot of my work for this company has dried up.  So, at the end of last year, I decided to give affiliate marketing a go.

We all know the affiliate marketing is not rocket science.  It is something that can be done with little or no capital outlay.  That’s a good thing.  Even though we know that affiliate marketing is easy to do, many people fail at it.  I think the reason people fail is because they don’t give it enough time to reach success.  Affiliate marketing is like anything else – it requires a lot of hard work.  By hard work I mean writing articles, building Squidoo lenses, and just generally over all educating yourself.  In this day and age, I think a lot of people have had it drummed into their head that affiliate marketing is something you can do in your sleep.  Every time I see an e-mail from one of the so-called gurus stating that I can make a huge income in my whitey tighties, and make money while I sleep, I get a big laugh.  I must admit that this is possible to do.  But, this only happens after paying your dues.

Like any other endeavor, affiliate marketing is simply a matter of education.  We must educate ourselves to be successful in any online venture.  Late last year, I joined Wealthy Affiliate.  My decision was based on feedback I got from my Twitter stream.  Everyone I’ve polled recommended Wealthy Affiliate to me.  Because I choose the people in my Twitter stream, I feel that their feedback is reliable.  It was a wise decision to join.  At Wealthy Affiliate, I picked up the basics of affiliate marketing.  As I said, affiliate marketing is not all that hard.  However, it is a little tricks that you learn from belonging to a website like Wealthy Affiliate that helps you become successful.

There are some pretty savvy people on Wealthy Affiliate.  The good thing about a site such as this is the fact that there are many different people from many different walks of life, with a lot of varied skill sets.  Each one of these people brings to the table knowledge and expertise learned over a long period of time.  Yes, there are a lot of newbies that haven’t a clue.  However, the old hands have a wealth of knowledge and freely offer it.  One of the things that Wealthy Affiliate highly recommends is utilizing the power of Squidoo.  A lot of the reasons are obvious – Squidoo is easy to use, is newbie friendly, and Google just plain loves it.  All these things add up to a great place to do affiliate marketing.

Right now, I have 19 lenses on Squidoo.  Like anything else, Squidoo is a numbers game.  The lenses are ranked according to how they are set up, how often they are updated, and how well the lens is built.  Although I am pretty comfortable with Squidoo, there is a lot I need to learn.  Which leads me to the little trick I previously mentioned.  When setting up a Squidoo lens, a lot of people, myself included, run together the URL of the lens.  What I learned was this – instead of running the URL together, hyphenate the URL.  Google will be much more pleased with it if you do that.  The name of the game is to always make Google happy.  It is no big deal to hyphenate the URL.  From now on, this is a trick that I will use.

I guess the moral of the story is the fact that we can never have enough knowledge.  All my life, education has been the most important thing in the world to me.  I’ve had that drummed into my head since I was a child.  It has served me well.  I have a habit of saying that if a day goes by, and I haven’t learned anything new, then the day was a loss.  Maybe that sounds a bit exaggerated.  But, in the final analysis, we must remember that knowledge is power.  Without knowledge we are basically shooting in the dark.  That worked well when I was in the Nam, but I have become a bit more civilized since then.

Being a big fan of knowledge means that I pursue it on a daily basis.  I’m sure I could write a best-selling novel on the little tricks that I have learned over the years.  Maybe in my next life…

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