We have built this site to offer the freelance writer a place of authority, community and networking.  My name is Alden Smith, and I have been freelancing full time since 2005.  I write full time, and if anyone tells you it is an easy task, then I have to warn you – it is not.  You deal with demanding editors who like to drop a project on you in the middle of an assignment.  You are at the whim of every person in Marketing who thinks they can save the business a few bucks, and know absolutely nothing about content or the effect it has on their web business.  I have found that people who own the major sites are very good at business, but haven’t a clue when it comes to web content.  This is what any freelancer faces.

Here on site I want to build a community to share these ideas and concepts, and to help the struggling new freelancer in their journey towards solvency.  I make my living doing this, and I am secure in the knowledge that there is no morning commute, no sucking up to an impossible boss, and having to go to work when I am just plain sick.  I can sleep in, and make it up on the end of the day.  I set my own schedule, but work 7 days a week.  Like I said, it isn’t easy.

Anyone who has passed 12th grade English can write.  The reason people like myself are able to make a living at it is because there are so many people who either hate writing, or are busy working on projects that takes time away from writing.  It is to these people that we go to for our business.

To those of you who haven’t a clue where to begin, I am setting up an article page that will help guide you along.  I focus on the tools of the trade.  We must remember that we have them all right at our fingertips at all times.  Learning to research, what to look for and making relevant and unique content of it is the goal of the freelance writer.  The internet has opened a brave new world for all people, and there is a niche for everyone.
I am always open to suggestion.  I don’t hide behind a computer, and care less about remaining anonymous.  I am here to help, and I relish an opportunity to network with both seasoned hands and newcomers alike.

The blog is always open.  Although I have not been active with this blog for quite some time, I have taken a new interest in it, and plan on many updates and changes.  I hope that you will add you’re your comments and questions.  I have been writing for 50 of my 65 years, and I know a trick or two.  Journey with me…



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