Every good  writer has a clipbook.  I am no exception.  I currently have 32 pages of article listings on Do It  A search on DIY using “alden smith” as keyword brings up the list.

As you can see from these links, I write on just about every topic imaginable.  I have spent the last ten years online learning how to research properly and have many tools I use, such as Zotero and Google Notebook.  I utilize not only Google in research, but, Hakia, Ice Rocket and others.

I have a letter of recommendation from the former Content Editor of DIY, and this is available on request.

I have a reputation for meeting deadlines.  Most clients want it “yesterday” and I make every attempt to meet their goals.

I am also a professional blogger.  I guest blog at various sites, and you can see examples of my work at The Mortgage Mentor blog.

If you find my work satisfactory, and have a need to have anything from a 500 word article to an ebook ghostwritten, feel free to contact me at allnutenterprises [at]  I am always open for business.

Some of My Articles

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