My rates are competitive.  English is my first language, and I guarantee my work.  No “pig in a poke” here – I will rewrite up to 3 times on an ebook to your satisfaction.  My pricing is as follows:

A 500 word article is $25.00 USD.  You hold the copyright.  At that price, I cannot do a lot of rewrites.

For a ghostwritten ebook, I charge $0.10 per word.  That is my normal rate and it comes with an ironclad guarantee.  I will do rewrites up to three instances for this price.

As a blogger, I get $15.00 USD per post.  I must be guaranteed poetic license in this case.

If there is interest in my work, please contact me at allnutenterprises [at], with subject line “article request”.

Alden Smith

CEO, Allnut Enterprises, LLC

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